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4 min readFeb 6, 2023

You know the story. New project launches with 5k twitter followers, being raided and shilled on every post in sight, and seemingly out of nowhere! You check Dextools — they’re trending. You check the cashtag, and it’s exploding. You ape large.

Two months later, there is still no product. No demo. No teasers. Just insane, non-stop marketing. It’s the future of France — you just don’t get to see it.

How long do those highs last?

You know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve all been in one of these before. And truthfully, at Black Rabbit AI, our founders have been in the space for a while (more on this later…) and have had more than our fair share.

So, we wanted to do things a bit differently. We thought — before we go big on marketing — let’s make it easy for people to see the vision. Let’s put something concrete in their hands that they can poke with a stick. Let’s test a few things, break some shit, and get a viable Proof of Concept out the door BEFORE we try to convince people that what we’re building is the future.

So that’s what we did.

https://brain.blackrabbitai.com/ landing page for Proof of Concept & Public Demo

Now, let’s put into context what a Proof of Concept is and is not.

This is important! So if you stop reading here, Santa won’t give you any presents next Christmas.

For those who prefer the literal explanation

The Proof of Concept is only to validate that the product will work. It’s very very rudimentary and only intended to demonstrate the idea is possible.

Now, contrary to this, is something you’re going to love hearing…

This was the hard part.

We’ve explored many many various AI tools and tested more than a few. We needed to understand how their integrations work, their fees & commercial licensing, and if & how we would be able to integrate them into a consolidated front end.

We did that.

It’s not all done — there will be more, new AI tools we can and will build into Black Rabbit’s front end. But the scary initial testing has been completed, and successfully, with flying colors.

You will notice three things about the Proof of Concept. One, it is public and also serves as a Public Demo. Two, it is only for holders of the $BRAIN token. And three, it is very limited in scope and function.

She BASIC. But she SEXY!

As you can tell we have not added a robust set of prompt inputs and guard rails... yet. Which is why we can see all sorts of weird & wacky results — just like when you use these tools yourself with no structure.

This is exactly why we’re building Black Rabbit AI.

Expect future demos to have more required fields and guidelines in place to nudge the user into using more clear, and structured prompts in order to get improved outputs. You will literally see the quality of the results from the AI improve with every generation. We are SO EXCITED FOR THIS PART.

There may also be (spoiler alert!!) other content types soon, such as images. If you’ve seen us talking to other AI projects on Twitter you already know this. Expect your favorite NON Black Rabbit AI tools to one day be incorporated INSIDE of Black Rabbit AI. Imagine coming to Black Rabbit and in 10 minutes having a viable Newsletter, Blog Post, Marketing Email, Medium Article etc… with beautiful custom images and graphics to go along with it. Maybe one day audio, maybe one day… more?

We’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re just making it a hell of a lot sleeker and easier to use.

So, what’s next?

We’re evaluating which content type(s) to build out initially. We’re discussing the roadmap with Advisors, and consulting with Content Creators on what would add the most value for them. We’re building out more buttons to click, drop down fields to select and text sections to fill — we’re optimizing the input (prompt) process, and building a V2 Public Demo. It will take time (see our roadmap) but for now, the important thing to know is…


More will come. Sooner than you expect. For now though, let us know your feedback and what we can do to make this tool more powerful for YOU. Because ultimately, that’s the whole point — we’re enabling the next generation of content creators. So let’s get to it.



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