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3 min readJan 29, 2023

Let’s Talk About Trust

Trust. It’s quite possibly the single most important ingredient for an early stage crypto project to earn, so let’s talk about it.

Trust is incredibly difficult to earn, easy to lose, and critical to any early stage investment. You need to be able to trust that the team has your best interests in mind. That they’re capable of what they commit to. That they’re honest about what’s going to happen next.

Time and time again our experiences in crypto come down to trust. This is something we know well, and it’s why we are so excited to share this update with you. It’s one of the early steps in our path to earning your trust. We hope that as you continue to see us make good on our commitments, act with integrity, and most importantly deliver a kick ass product that we will be able to earn your trust. This roadmap is not the last, only the first. There will be much more yet to come, with much of that being a surprise you won’t have even seen hints of yet. So, with that in mind, here is our latest Project Roadmap.

Let’s Talk About The Vision
This is it — we’ve been talking to you for a while now about what we want to do, but without cohesive documentation and clear guidelines & timelines it’s all just an idea. That’s why we’re so happy to finally release this publicly. The above document is one more critical step to making our thrilling little concept a reality.

While we’re happy with how things got started (with an impressive, unexpectedly successful launch), and where things are today (with a kick ass growing + genuine community and daily product progress)… It’s tomorrow we’re most excited for. And then the next day. Then the one after. Because each step of this journey brings us that much closer to enabling the next generation of quality content creators to make THEIR vision a reality, and much more easily. Remember — that’s the whole point of this. Other AI powered content creation tools are incredibly expensive. Incredibly difficult to use. They also come with high margin for error and user facing complexity.

So as we take these next steps let’s remember why we’re doing it — because there should be an easier way. A more affordable way. The power of AI should be used to decentralize content creation — enabling more creators, with less barriers to entry. That’s what we’re in this for, and we can’t wait for you all to help us make this vision a reality.

Let’s Talk About Today, And What Comes Next
The state of Black Rabbit AI today is simple. We’ve mapped out the product concept and begun building a community. Now it’s time to shift gears a bit and take that next step.

As you can see in our roadmap above, the next stage of our growth journey includes several critical actions focused around the product itself:

1. Complete & release the first public facing product mockup.

2. Design, test & release the first public MVP & product demo.

Everything else comes second. We’re going to build the shit out of this thing. It’s gonna be YUGE.

$BRAIN is one way to get exposure to this — sure — but with the concept we have in mind for this product, adoption will come. Marketing will be key, and we will absolutely be making this a priority. But once the world sees how powerful this tool can be in the right hands that will be the easy part.

This is not the end. This is barely the beginning. We hope that what follows will melt your $BRAIN. There is MUCH more to come, so consider this just a teaser for now…

And finally — we are so grateful for your continued support, and continue to be thrilled not just for our own sake but also to take this community on the journey with us. Thank you!

So, now it’s laid out, we’ll just leave you with one final question that has been asked many times before and will be asked many times again.

How much is your time worth?



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