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4 min readApr 10, 2023


The Bunny is Back

Hello, BRAINiacs! It’s been a while since we shared an update via Medium (see our Twitter, TG + Discord for more frequent updates) and we thought it was high time we remedied that.

In this installment, we’ll cover a little bit of what we’ve completed recently before our next (soon™️) piece covers what’s in store moving forward.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

You may have seen some big announcements on Twitter..

The $BRAIN team has recently released two major features — the first being image generation, powered by LeonardoAI.

You may have heard of these guys.. Link to twitter thread HERE

Why Leonardo? Because they enable us to train custom models and utilize various additional custom features to make content optimized by use case. For example Leonardo allows users to upload up to 40 images which can be used to train a custom model on, which will then enable the model to generate thematically consistent images.

These were used to train the model
This is what Leonardo produced

Why should we care about this? Well, think about some of the use cases for thematic content generation. Think hard, Anon.

Say you’re Reddit or Discord or Twitter or Twitch, and you want users to be able to generate their own unique yet thematically consistent (on-brand) digital avatars. How do you do it?

Or you’re a gaming studio and want more powerful character creation — maybe custom armor models, or unique weapons as NFT’s?

How about an early stage Web3 project looking for a mass AI curated NFT collection, that can be manually tweaked at scale to rapidly optimize?

There are a TON of potential use cases for this and one of the challenges is around navigating training the models, optimizing the inputs (prompts), and knowing how to navigate tweaking it to get the desired outcome. Good thing that’s exactly the kind of stuff we specialize in.

Yeah, kind of a big deal right?

Today, this exists in a simple format — integrated img gen on our current product line. In the future though, it enables us to expand into a hybrid Product + Service offering to be sold B2B.. and we already have a few partners & customers in mind.

OK, so what else? Well I’m glad you asked..

Have you ever been excited about a project, and then realized there was no concise summary? You open up the whitepaper, and there’s enough technical jargon to confuse God himself.

Maybe you have a backlog of interesting articles you have been meaning to get to, but can’t find the time. If only you had some way to make a concise TL;DR..

You want it, you got it! https://brain.blackrabbitai.com/

Well, we built that too. With the TL;DR feature you can quickly & concisely summarize long form content. If we’re building tools for content creators we should also make it easier for them to quickly distill the essentials and process larger volumes of information.. so that’s what we did.

You thought we’d only build the stuff on the roadmap, without responding to community feedback or new discoveries around what would add value for our users?

Silly rabbit. That’s just not how we bounce.

So, where does that leave us today? Well..

We have several more major releases tee’d up to go out. We’re currently working on…

  • Overhauled UI & dAPP (sneak peeks may be available in TG..)
  • Twitter thread generator
  • Enhanced prompt guidance on core product (beta -> release)
  • User tiers and pricing structures (wen utility!? wen revenue!?)
  • ??? bonus features ???

In summary.. it is, still, time to build. So that’s what we’re doing.

The next series of announcements will be following this one quite shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.. as always, there is some alpha in the TG + Discord for those who care to look 👀



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