New dAPP, who dis?

Black Rabbit AI
3 min readApr 13, 2023


GM BRAIN-iacs.

It’s time for another update — as promised, the bunny was hard at work over Easter and the holidays are now being followed up on with an abundance of gifts. Let’s dive into the next one, shall we?

We’ve talked for a while now about laying the foundation for the revenue engine and one of the primary pre-requisites for this is a functioning dAPP. So.. We’ve overhauled our platform and built one.

Voila! Like magic, a new dAPP is born

It’s pretty simple (for now) but let’s walk through it.

First up, you’ll notice there is a new navigation bar to the left. This includes several important elements. They are..

  1. Token balance (remember — holding 10k+ $BRAIN gets you 50% discounted platform fees)
  2. Credit balance (these are the credits you purchase and use to generate content)
  3. The Generate Content, Buy Credits, and Buy $BRAIN aspects of the website have been moved to the side nav bar
  4. Basic stats about platform use added to the “Generate Content” page

These are by no means final — we will evolve, build and adapt over time but for now this gives a good idea of the style and direction we’re taking.

What’s next? Well I’m glad you asked..

Remember when we talked about the road to revenue? About that..

Those curious wabbits among you may have already seen this page — it is entirely new, and focuses on our “call to action” or CTA. The CTA is where users can purchase “credits”, which gets used when you generate content with Black Rabbit. This is the basis of our revenue engine.

There are a couple of key elements to call out here — one, by holding 10,000+ $BRAIN tokens in your connected wallet you automatically receive a 50% discount on platform fees. (wen utilitahhh?)

There are also incentives to large purchases — further discounting as you increase the volume of useage.

And.. the revenue is collected in USDC. Revenue that can go to holders and protocol growth. Real revenue, from a real product.

It is, however, important to note that the core product is NOT yet at a point where we consider it ready for full commercial release. We are not advertising it as complete, nor at a point where we are pushing users to pay for use. We will be giving out free credits to test the platform, as we have further core product enhancements being made before we release and market commercially.

Okay, that covered, on to the final piece of this update.

Some of you noticed this button already.. others, not so much yet

We have had people asking us for a while now — “wen img gen!?”. This feature actually isn’t new — it’s been live for a while. But we wanted to make it more visible, and call it out.

Image generation (powered by LeonardoAI) is currently available for testing on the Blog Post feature by selecting this toggle.

We will in the future add the image generation feature to more of the core product offering, as well as integrating various other AI-powered tools & features (a hint of things to come? 👀).

For now though — please, take it for a spin. Let the team know if you need credits for testing.

As we add more prompt guidance & optimizations to the core product suite, you will see the quality of the outputs rise. Once we’ve reached a level of output we feel confident justifies the purchase we will begin revenue-centric marketing and move forward with the full commercial release.

Keep your eyes peeled and your big fluffy ears tuned in for further updates. Until next time.



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