Meet the Team — AKA “Who is this ‘Anon’ guy, anyway?”

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“Thanks Anon!”.

If you’ve been on popular internet subcultures, you’ve probably seen this said before. The internet is abound with examples of anonymous users collaborating in an incomprehensible variety of various interests — hobbies such as gaming, coding, anime, horticulture, investing, you name it. The concept of anyone, from anywhere in the world, connecting and collaborating anonymously is one of the most highly esteemed and cherished byproducts of the infrastructure we know of as the internet.


What about trust?

It’s one thing to take an anonymous users advice on gaming tips, and it’s entirely another when you’re trying to calculate the fair enterprise value of a niche product in an emerging market. For some uses cases… you simply must have trust in who you’re speaking with. Trust that they are qualified, experienced, capable, reliable, honest. Trust that what is being discussed is, in fact, legitimate.

So it’s about time we built a little bit more trust.

Helpful for those who know, not as much for those who don’t.

Before getting into specifics, it is important to know that the team has greatly desired two key considerations:
1) We want this project to be able to stand up of its own merit and not rely solely on our network to succeed and,
2) We want to avoid the hassle that comes with being publicly doxxed. Most of our team is doxxed to various large names in the space which is why we were able to have known, credible actors support us early on. We are doxxed with key trusted partners behind closed doors because of our other work and projects, but, that’s of much lower personal risk than a public doxx to potential bad actors and is something we’ve found a reasonable compromise to make.

Because of this, we will speak to the team makeup and their background, but will refrain from giving identifying specifics or using names that are not already public facing as usernames.

Team Overview

As it exists today, the team structure is pretty simple.

Our team consists of 6 people at the moment, though this is subject to change as we grow. We have the team founder, an internal operations & community manager, two developers, a product designer, and a dedicated community and social manager. We will speak to the background and expertise of each.

Founder (Issherai)

  • 10 years scaling tech startups, with an emphasis on early stage GTM movements. Extensive domain expertise in SaaS & AI powered data products & services.
  • Manages the Partnerships division for an organization which uses a proprietary NLP tool (AI) to aggregate vast amounts of data, then uses custom ML models to structure this data to make it machine readable. Sells these products and services to Fortune 100’s and government bodies around the world who use it as their base layer for various forms of AI powered modeling and research.
  • Works with key infrastructure providers such as the big cloud data hosts on joint GTM movements and strategic partnerships with an emphasis on technical integrations & building consolidated base layer infrastructure for large enterprise.
  • Regular AI power user — for day job, blockchain specific, and personal uses. Experience leveraging Lavender, ChatGPT, LeondardoAI, Midjourney,, and others for various forms of content creation and digital asset creation. Manages Growth @ Revenant Gamefi and Battle of Olympus, both of which heavily utilize various AI tools in day to day operations.
  • Coaches and consults behind the scenes for various well known groups and projects within multiple crypto ecosystems over the past 3 years. Best known from Blocmates and TulipDAO communities, and as the Head of Growth for Revenant $GAMEFI and Battle of Olympus $GODLY. Prior experience doing early stage alpha research for investment arms of popular FaaS / IaaS protocols (EXPO, SCC, Wolf Capital, etc).
  • Responsible for: Business Development, Partnerships, Comms, Strategy and community support.

Operations & Community Manager (Chris)

  • Senior IT executive for a leading global financial services company, primarily overseeing big transformation and migration projects.
  • Before that worked as a senior management consultant and has co-founded eCommerce Start-Ups for one of the biggest European incubators. Brings a wealth of skills to our operational cadence and supports MANY various operational tasks.
  • Best known from activity within the Blocmates community and supports other projects as investor and/or advisor.
  • Responsible for: Operations management, community management and coordination, strategic planning and execution and community support.

Developer (Scott)

  • Traditional background is Systems Developer of over 15 years and more recently an Enterprise Architect for a leading logistics firm operating out of Europe and the Mediterranean, overseeing the development and accrual for Freight and Terminal operational systems.
  • Web3 experience includes being the contract developer and operator for several projects including Exponential Capital and MRI (now known as MFC) whom reached over 14 and 200 million MC respectively. As part of those roles he also oversaw both projects migrating to new tokens, being responsible for over 10,000 holders and over a million in liquidity being safely moved across.
  • Has become a go-to name for supporting a broad ecosystem of large CT names with various chain related development work (migrations, emergency support, etc). He is known as the “break glass in case of emergency” dev.
  • Another team member well known & respected from various crypto communities including the projects outlined in addition to Blocmates and misc others.
  • Responsible for: Blockchain based development work & all smart contract functions, technical partner integrations, and assisting with community support.

Developer (Spartacus)

  • Senior IT Executive in a large IT company, overseeing the planning, execution, and delivery of technology projects within the organization. This involves managing teams of technical professionals, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget, and overseeing the delivery of software and other technology solutions.
  • 10 years of joint ownership and operation of a digital creative agency (with Franz, Designer).
  • Contributed to several successful crypto projects ($GAMEFI, $GODLY, $BRAIN most commonly known and recent.
  • PO and back end developer for Revenant $GAMEFI and Battle of Olympus $GODLY.
  • Best known from his involvement in the Arbitrum and Metis ecosystems and various sub communities within.
  • Responsible for: Black Rabbit AI back end development, as well as all off-chain product development and technical integrations. Works closely with Franz on product optimizations.

Designer (Franz)

  • 10 years as joint owner & operator (with Spartacus) of a digital creative agency.
  • Extensive crypto experience as co-founder of multiple crypto based businesses, including but not limited to Revenant Gamefi ($GAMEFI), Battle of Olympus ($GODLY), and now Black Rabbit AI ($BRAIN).
  • Lead designer on all 3 of the previously mentioned protocols as well as an advisor and contract designer behind the scenes for other various projects.
  • Best known from his involvement in the Metis and Arbitrum ecosystems and various sub communities within.
  • Responsible for: All things Branding, Design and Black Rabbit Front-End. Works closely with Spartacus on product optimizations.

Community Manager (Jamie)

  • 2 years managing communities of all stages from initial launch to ongoing support, involved in names like Exponential Capital ($EXPO) and Marshall Rogan Inu ($MRI) among many others.
  • Extensive background establishing and maintaining various community functions such as coordinating marketing campaigns, supporting documentation and asset generation, driving giveaways, integrating various bot functions etc.
  • Best known from his involvement in EXPO, MRI and several other projects.
  • Responsible for: Community management and support, marketing support and operations support.

Advisors we have decided not to include on this Medium article, but they cover a broad range of backgrounds, domain expertise and following.

As you can tell the team is small (for now) but brings a wealth of relevant domain expertise to the project. The key for us is not having too many cooks in the kitchen and ensuring that those on the team are filling functions in which they are qualified whether directly through crypto environments or in some cases bringing on a stellar track record of traditional market expertise.

We hope this helps to add context as to who’s behind the wheel, why we feel they’re qualified to be there, and what kind of expertise can be leveraged to continue building this project far into the future. Until the next time.. Onwards and upwards!

Expect more updates and additions in the future as we seek to bring on more support for functions relating to Front End Development & Design, Marketing, and GTM Strategy.



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