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Black Rabbit AI
3 min readJan 23, 2023


Anyone that uses ChatGPT, Midjourney or other AI powered tools knows the pain — you put in what you think is an excellent prompt, but the results come out… weird. Missing the essence of what you’re trying to capture. You try another prompt. Closer. Another. Closer. Two hours later… You got the result you’re after, but that could have been much smoother.

We know this pain — we’ve been using these tools for our own twitter threads, medium articles, concept art, and various other content forms. There is a learning curve that an open, unstructured platform forces you to overcome. But what if there was a way to have a workflow built for you to optimize inputs in a fraction of the time?

That’s why we built Black Rabbit AI. Our platform aggregates various AI tools into one user-friendly platform. Our guided, optimized prompts drastically reduce the time and effort needed to get an effective result. Stop using ChatGPT to help you craft the perfect Midjourney prompt, spending too much time on the wrong things. Use Black Rabbit and we’ll get you the right format and key inputs for the prompts, right from the start.

How does it work?

It’s incredibly simple — we do this by building a step-by-step prompt process which encourages our users to select from a predetermined list of optimal inputs & structure for the chosen AI tool. The end result is simple, yet powerful. Content creators can reduce their time to production by upwards of 80% while improving the relevance and quality of that content, often by an order of magnitude.

What comes next?

Because we use these tools for our own production in various other businesses, we’re enthusiastic to continue expanding the platform and adding functionality that we know our users (and our own teams!) will love.

We wish someone had made these tools sooner… But hey, we’re someone too, so it’s time to build. We hope you’re as excited for this product as we are. We are preparing our platform as quickly as possible for launch in Q1 2023 and will conduct a fair soft launch of our $BRAIN token on Uniswap in January 2023 to raise funds for further development.

Total of 10,000,000 $BRAIN will get distributed as follows:
— 5,000,000 $BRAIN used for initial liquidity pool (paired with 6 $ETH); liquidity will initially get locked for 30 days.
— 3,500,000 $BRAIN reserved for platform development; tokens will get locked for 90 days.
— 500,000 $BRAIN reserved for marketing; tokens will not get locked.
— 500,000 $BRAIN reserved for advisors; tokens will not get locked.
— 500,000 $BRAIN reserved for partnerships; tokens will not get locked.

Taxes to fund the platform
— Buy Tax: 0%
— Initial Sell Tax: 25% (for initial 24h after launch)
— Final Sell Tax: 9% (gradual decrease 24h after launch for another 24h)

Planned tax income distribution
— 45 % for platform development
— 40 % for marketing and $BRAIN buy-backs
— 15 % for advisors

Stay tuned for further announcements by subscribing to our Twitter account and join our Telegram group. Please let us know what other AI tools you’d love us to make more accessible for your workflows, and we’ll see you soon.



Black Rabbit AI

Black Rabbit AI is a platform, which aggregates various AI tools into one user-friendly easy-to-use platform.